The following two videos are from:
"Save America Ministries"
A Viewpoint Radio broadcast with Chuck Crismier
These videos spoke to our hearts about the hypocrisy we see going on in our church pews these past 50 years or more not only in the USA but in Canada as well.
We must wake up people of God before it is too late. . . maybe it's too late already. . .
Why not humble ourselves like God asked us to and cry out to Him and see what He will do to heal us and our land?
"Remarriage Is Adultery"
"Persecutions Coming To The Church Are You Ready?"
How In The World Did We End Up Here
"A Great Mystery"

Yeshua's  Blood Covenant

 of Marriage

To His Pure Spotless Bride


I will never leave you or forsake you.

There is nothing that you can do

 That will cause Me

To turn My back on you.

There is nothing you can do

 That will stop Me from loving you.

Your unfaithfulness

 Does not beget my unfaithfulness.

Your abandonment

 Does not beget My abandonment.

 If you go whoring after another

 I will still be faithful to you.

I will cry out to My Father for you,

And cause you to return!

For I am a jealous God

I will chasten you,

Give you cause to repent!

But I will forgive you!


Because My relationship

with you

Does not depend

 On your performance,

But on My 'Word' 


The Father says

 I gave you My Son, Yeshua 

For your Bridegroom!

He came to fulfill 

His Holy Vow to you,

I not only witnessed the

New Covenant Vow He made  

 With His own Blood.

But I wept at His great love for you,

And for Me, 

I had to turn away for awhile

As He willingly took on Your Sin

And became Sin for you,

Sin killed His body! 

But I turned again

 To watch Him rise from the grave,

Empowered by My Holy Spirit

 Living within Him;

So that He through His death

 Could Fulfill this promise to you:


"I AM the Resurrection and the Life,

Anyone who believes in Me

 Though he die, will live again for eternity!"


Yeshua had to come in the flesh

So He could die,

in order to demonstrate

His Father's unfailing love for you.

In giving up His life,

He destroyed Satan's power over you

Once and for all,

And became the antidote to sin.

You can throw a monkey wrench Into Satan's plans 

By repenting and obeying What God says!

Lay down your worldly desires

for My holy Name's sake. 

I've given you My Holy Spirit

 To empower you to walk in

My righteousness

And resurrection power!

Your children and the world

 Are watching you,

Which kind of love will you 

Emulate to them?

 An Eye for an Eye?


My Way 

Forgiveness and Unfailing Love?

 This kind of Love I freely give you. 

If you LOVE Me do as a I say 

Love one another, love yourself,

especialy your spouses!

The court's of men have no real power

Over a blood bought child of mine,

Unless you give them this power!

 Really know this!

Come eat of My flesh,

 And drink of My Blood,

Don't trample in it!

Forgive one another

Do it for My Holy Name sake,

Not only out of your love for Me,

 But for your children's,


And also for those

 Who don't know Me yet.


Fight evil like you never fought before!

      Others will know you by this

Kind of Love that is living within you

    And will come looking for it!

This Kind of Love

Can only come from knowing

ME intimately!

Not all will be able to accept this but only to those to who it is given


 Look for my coming, be ready!

Remember I Love You just as you are

Be fully awake and ready for My return

Which is very soon now! 


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